About Us

Assured Life Consultants: Insurance that makes sense!

SureLife is an insurance company dedicated to ensuring that every client under debt review receives the most comprehensive insurance cover, at the most affordable rates. We know that when clients take out personal finance, insurance is given without much of the needed details, like...
  1. Proper advice and information on how much cover they will receive
  2. Charges and high premiums which only cover clients for limited benefits
  3. We also identified, that should the client fail to notify his/her creditor of change in financial situation (going under debt review), the claim will not be honored (short term insurance).
In an effort to assist our client under debt review, Assured Life Consultants was developed as a company to partner up with other debt counselors in order to assist all clients under debt review – ensuring these clients are fully covered without paying an arm and a leg.

Do you have a question for us?

If you have a need to get in touch with our team, simply send us a message via the box alongside, or contact us using the information provided.

With a professional team of insurers, plugged into the South African pulse, we have a fantastic offering to help you in your situation. Perfect for those under debt review, we offer insurance that allows our clients to remain covered even when things aren’t going their way. Contact us today for sound advice and a service offering that can keep your head above water.