Home Insurance

Home insurance in South Africa is an important part of being a functional adult in modern day society.

With cover tailor made to clients, specifically aimed at those who struggle with debt and repayment, this is an inclusive home insurance package that can be adjusted to suit our clients’ needs as well as financial capabilities. With adjustable packages, we can give our clients everything they need and none of what they don’t.

With a complete insurance package that ensures your home is protected, this will ensure theft, disaster and damage will not put a dent in your livelihood. Get the most for your money with an Assured Life Home Insurance deal.

Vehicle Insurance

A tailor made package for clients under debt review, vehicle insurance is an important part of owning assets of this type.

As a client under debt review cannot apply for finance, this package is made to not discriminate, instead catering to this sidelined group. With excellent coverage and benefits that make your life a bit easier along the way, this is Assured Life insurance worth the time.

From accidents and theft to damage and a host of other scenarios, this package covers what you need so you don’t have to worry about your assets anymore. Whether a brand new car or third hand, rust bucket this is insurance you can trust to have your best interests at heart.

Credit Life

Credit life is an innovative insurance option that looks to protect the customers’ best interests. A fantastic service that can take care of your needs in a dire situation, Credit Life focusing on covering clients debt in the event of death, disability, critical illness, retrenchment as well as income protection.

A package that ensures your debts don’t get passed on to your loved ones, this covers you when a situation turns bad. With adjustment allowed to best suit our clients’ budgets, as well as a system that ties into the debt review process, this is insurance perfect for your situation.

A shining light in the darkest of times, Credit Life can give you a helping hand. Plan ahead so your family and finances are taken care of, get Credit Life Cover from Assured Life.

Funeral Cover

A safeguard for you and you loved ones, a funeral cover is a much needed investment, especially for anyone with dependents. Taking away the burden of cost at the worst of times, this allows your family to rest easy knowing they can give you the farewell you deserve.

A way to shoulder the burden even after your time has passed, this lets your fund cover funeral expenses and additional costs surrounding your death. With cover keeping your family safe from unneeded debt, this is one of the many ways you can plan for your future and the financial security of your family.

. Included in other cover schemes as well, this type of cover is a must have for you and your family. Let your family say goodbye with dignity and without stress in this hard time, get yourself Assured Life Funeral Cover.